Drones in Barcelona

If you are planning to shoot a professional audiovisual project for film, series, advertising or events in Barcelona or Catalonia and you are looking for a high quality result that is different from what other companies offer, Airmedia360 can help you achieve it.

Our company specialises in the rental, manufacture and modification of drones for audiovisual projects in Barcelona or Catalonia and we have a team of highly trained professionals, including engineers, pilots, production specialists and camera operators. They will bring added value and differential to your audiovisual project.

Our drones will allow you to incorporate the most innovative techniques in the audiovisual sector to your recordings in Barcelona or Catalonia, taking advantage of our fleet that includes the best drone models on the market, both in their original version and in modified versions with special features. In addition, we have manufactured the largest cinema drone in Europe, the Stratos HL-25, and our team can carry out productions in multiple locations simultaneously.

Airmedia360 has more than 20 years of experience in aeromodelling and radio control, and has participated in more than 2,500 national and international productions.

We are a company authorised by AESA, which allows us to offer flight services in cities, near airports and night flights in Barcelona or Catalonia, and we have light drones that adapt to different needs.