Drones are useful for capturing aerial images and have become a key tool for location identification and exploration.

They allow images to be obtained from inaccessible angles and offer a unique perspective that can be used to create spectacular environments or scenarios in films, series, television and advertising.

In addition, their ability to move quickly allows the identification and selection of locations in record time, which translates into cost and time savings.

Our commitment to safety and professionalism

We take safety and regulatory compliance very seriously. Our team is made up of expert pilots and technicians, guaranteeing safe and efficient flights in every project. For the same reason, all our operations always fully comply with the guidelines of the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency and ENAIRE. We always make sure to process all the necessary permits together with our specialised partners, always guaranteeing that the flights are legal and in order. We must bear in mind that the fines for not carrying out the operation correctly are up to 4,500,000 euros, it is not worth taking the risk with pirate options!

Airmedia360 has passed hundreds of inspections by the National Police and Guardia Civil, as well as inspections by the State Aviation Safety Agency. On every occasion we have been congratulated for our work.